Five Degree Programs on Critical Technology

NCKU's Academy of Innovative Semiconductor and Sustainable Manufacturing is the first to launch at a university to address the nation’s high-tech talent constraints and the imperative for advancing semiconductor technology during the AI era based on the National Cheng Kung University’s well-established research foundation in science and engineering. To this end, the Academy offers five graduate degree programs respectively on Integrated Circuit Design, Semiconductor Process Technology, Semiconductor Packaging and Testing, Key Materials, and Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing. The programs have been aimed at fostering future talents equipped with the "data-driven & energy-sensitive” core competency applicable to the whole spectrum of the semiconductor industry and continuously supporting the industry’s competitiveness on an innovative educational platform.

Institutional Breakthrough

Under the guidelines for innovation of the “Industry-Academia Cooperative Innovation Act”, the Academy aligns university-based R&D work closer to industry needs by allowing greater flexibility in academic infrastructure in faculty hiring of the industry experts, budgeting, research, and training formats. The Academy offers choices to more practical research topics through collaborative degree programs by working with 16 top enterprises in coordination with the faculty and the research teams of the university’s Colleges of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Engineering, and Science, and cross-domain research in AI, Sustainable Energy, Smart Machinery, Smart Manufacturing, Circular Economy, Carbon Neutrality, Nanomaterials, Quantum Computer and Big Data.

Leading Next-Generation Technology

Advancing next-generation sustainable development for the semiconductor industry with sustainable manufacturing in a circular economy ecosystem to reinforce the nation’s leadership in this strategically important technology globally is a shared goal of all stakeholders of the Academy. That is the proud responsibility of the National Cheng Kung University to respond to the calling of the betterment of society with technological advancement and the cultivation of top research talents and to connect seamlessly with the industry and the government and keep taking the lead.