Degree Programs
Degree program

 Program on Integrated Circuit Design # PICD  

Supported by professional and well-experienced teachers, this program emphasizes the perspective of “issues in the industry and problem-solving in the school” and provides the students with various kinds of IC design courses to breed their essential capability and advanced skills for the IC chip designs.

The courses we will offer include Smart Security Internet of Things / Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical/Bio-Sensing, Memory Integrated Circuits Design / Computing in Memory, Advanced Mix- signal IC Designs, RF Communications /mm-Wave Sensor Technologies, etc.

 Program on Semiconductor Process Technology # SPT 

This program cultivates students' professional capability in the areas of semiconductor devices and process technology. The curriculum is jointly planned and offered by industry experts.

The students should learn the most practical and state-of-the-art skills in dealing with device miniaturization and power scaling for future technology nodes. The program conducts extensive research into the design and technology development of nano-electronic and photonics devices, green electronic devices, and semiconductor sensors. 

 Program on Semiconductor Packaging and Testing # PSPT

Semiconductor packaging and testing is the key to manufacturing a fully functionalized and durable electronic device. Our program integrates the relevant courses offered at National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan and cooperates with the industry to achieve the goal of cultivating semiconductor packaging and testing professionals.

The curriculum covers three major areas: packaging processes, packaging and testing smart manufacturing, and packaging and testing materials. Industrial professionals are also hired to offer practical courses so that students have both academic foundations and practical experience. In terms of thesis research, it is implemented based on the concept of industry proposition and academic problem-solving. Graduates from this program are expected to have a higher priority in recruitment in related industries after graduation.

 Program on Key Materials # KMAT

The program on key materials offers material-related courses and research topics, targeting two categories of advanced materials. The first is the semiconducting materials including the start-of-the-art technology in the wide-band gap semiconductors as well as the emergent two-dimensional materials.

The second is the so-called functional materials which contain novel materials with promising potential for application in various fields such as clean energy, memory, devices, catalysis, sensing, and quantum computing.

 Program on Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing # PSSM

With the emerging challenge of climate change, sustainable manufacturing technologies are required for enterprises to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. The program on Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing welcomes students with engineering or scientific backgrounds who are interested in advanced high-efficient manufacturing technologies, e.g., simulation-assisted process design, additive manufacturing, and artificial intelligence, as well as sustainable manufacturing technologies, e.g., hydrogen-based metallurgy, CO2 capture, usage and storage, and circular economy.