• 【Master Seminar】 吳炳昇, Founder of Himax Technologies, Inc. - "Innovation and Entrepreneurship-Lessons I Have Learned"

The 3rd session of a series of Industry Master Seminar of AISSM is coming soon

Himax Technologies, a driver IC design company founded in 2001, was listed on the NASDAQ in 2006. Since its establishment, it has experienced the global financial crisis and huge ecological changes in the panel industry.

Afraid of being surpassed by others, I just keep going forward.”

Being a "Me, too" is never enough; Do the right thing in the moment and do it right.”

Dr.吳炳昇, graduated from Department of Electrical Engineering, NCKU, has led Himax Technologies to be among the top 10 IC design company in the world. Come and listen to his entrepreneurial journey!

Date                      111/4/29 (Fri)

Time                     13:10 - 15:00

Venue                   B1迅慧Lecture Hall, Department of Electrical Engineering, Ziqiang Campus, NCKU.

Speaker                 吳炳昇, Chairman of Himax Technologies, Inc.

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