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  • Among the top 10 IC design companies in the world, 吳炳昇, chairman of Himax Technologies, shares his entrepreneurial journey

“Afraid of being surpassed by others, I just keep going forward.”

The chairman of Himax Technologies, 吳炳昇, was invited to give a presentation at NCKU.


Wu remembered that when he first started his own business, he brought nothing but two pieces of IC. After 20 years, continues trying various technological innovations, experienced the global financial crisis and overcame ecological changes of the panel industry, Himax has become the number one in the field of automotive IC and top 10 IC design companies in the world.

“IC industry is so competitive that you have to be so conscious all the time, but it is also full of opportunities.”


Wu is the 69th grade alumni of the Department of Electrical Engineering, NCKU. He completed his master’s and doctor’s degree at NCKU where he studied for the longest time. After graduating, he used to be a university teacher and served in ITRI for a while. It was not until 1993 did he devote himself to the industry. Looking back at job opportunities after graduation, he attributed them to the hard work he had done during the time. “I’m really good at writing proposals; I wrote proposals all the time and was not afraid to debate over them with specialist. Over time, people in the industry just knew me, and once there was a good position they thought of me naturally.”


Speaking of how to start a business, he said it is not essential in one’s life.

“The main goal of life should be learning instead of starting a business. Once you have gained all knowledge you need and are ready to show yourself to others, opportunities will come to you.” There will be a lot of pressure in starting a business; he encouraged the students to put health first. “Sleep well, cultivate your physical strength and wait for the right time.” He also shared the key to success: “when you encounter difficulties, go to the experts and ask.”