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  • 【Master Seminar】李俊隆, chairman of Merck Ltd. - "Be proactive and begin with the end in mind"

Master Seminar

The 4th session of a series of Industry Master Seminar of AISSM is coming soon.

"Be proactive and begin with the end in mind."

It is one of the suggestions given to the fresh graduate entering the workforce by李俊隆, chairman of Merck Ltd, Taiwan.

The world's top science and technology company # Merck KgaA launched the largest investment in Taiwan last year.

- Merck Invested NT$17 billion in Taiwan for the expansion of new production lines and R&D capacity for advanced semiconductor materials and equipment.

Over the past 354 years, Merck Group has always been committed to the development of high-tech that has a positive impact on human life especially in healthcare, life science and electronic technology. From medical treatment to biotechnology, and even future smart devices, Merck is everywhere.

In this speech, Dr. 李俊隆will share how Merck supports global trends and faces human challenges, as well as foreign companies' views on future talent demands.

Merck - Advancing Human Progress with Curiosity ──

Date111/5/13 (Fri)

Time13:10 - 15:00

Venue|迅慧 Lecture Hall B1, Department of Electrical Engineering, Ziqiang Campus, National Cheng Kung University

Speaker|李俊隆, chairman of Merck Ltd., Taiwan

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