• 2023 NCKU AISSM Visiting Students Program with Scholarship

2023 NCKU AISSM Visiting Students Program with Scholarship


Open for application until June 30th 2023!!

SUMMER SCHOOL with RESEARCH TRAINING in Semiconductor at NCKU, Taiwan

The Visiting Students Program at NCKU AISSM aims to extend educational collaboration with leading universities in Central and Eastern Europe. NCKU AISSM calls for applications from senior undergraduate or new graduate students from Czechia, Slovakia, Lithuania, and Poland to come to NCKU AISSM to study as an exchange student for one or up to two semesters with financial support available through the Taiwan Semiconductor Scholarship in 2023.



Eligibility and Financial Support

The Visiting Students Program is open to senior undergraduate (year 3) or new graduate students, currently enrolled in college with an engineering or science background from Czechia, Slovakia, Lithuania, and Poland.

Admitted students will be offered tuition reimbursement of NTD60,000 per semester for eligible students, a round trip ticket to and from Taiwan reimbursed with NTD100,000, as well as a monthly stipend of about EUR960 per month for their study period at NCKU AISSM.

About Studying Semiconductors @NCKU AISSM ( Academy of Innovative Semiconductor and Sustainable Manufacturing)





Places of the Scholarship

15 spots in total

Apply to NCKU AISSM, the host university in Taiwan

Czechia: 3 spots; Slovakia: 2 spots; Poland: 1 spot

Apply via TECOs in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Poland

Czechia: 3 spots; Slovakia: 2 spots; Lithuania: 2 spots; Poland: 2 spots

Qualified and accepted students take the places on a first come first serve basis.

Program Timeline

Start Date: August 18, 2023

The first class of the program starts on August 18th, 2023 and the program continues along with the fall semester of NCKU. The fall semester ends on January 5th, 2024. The spring semester starts on Febrary 19th and ends on June 21th 2024.

End Date: January 5th, 2024 for students studying for one semester, or June 21th, 2024 for students studying for two semesters.

Program Requirements


Admitted students must take 2 courses instructed as follows.

  1. The Essentials of Semiconductor Technology and Supply Chains (2 credits), an intensive course taking place between August 18-25th 2023 during 2023 NCKU AISSM Summer School.
  1. At least one of the courses on the core competencies, Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability, of NCKU AISSM. Students may find a comparable course at NCKU as an alternative to the following with the lecturer’s approval.
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (3 credits)
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (3 credits)
  • Big Data and Cloud Computing (3 credits)
  • Materials and Devices for Sustainable Energy (3 credits)
  • Introduction to Sustainable Energy (3 credits)
  1. Courses required by the host NCKU professor, if any.

In addition, students can take other courses offered at NCKU based on their own study plans during their stay at NCKU.

NCKU course catalogue

Research Training by the Host Professor

Admitted students must participate in the lab training of their host professors at NCKU. The professors’ final evaluation with a passing comment will be required for the program to issue the completion certificate and the NCKU transcript to the participating students. NCKUProfessors participating in this program can be viewed on this brochure (showcased below).

NCKU AISSM Labs selected for Exchange Students

Fees & Financials

  • Application fee: none for the visiting students program; NTD 2500 for the 2023 NCKU AISSM Summer School, payable upon registration, not at this moment.
  • Tuition and miscellaneous fees of NCKU AISSM: NTD 56100 per semester upon registration. This fee will be covered by the scholarhip.
  • NCKU Student Group Insurance: about NT260 per semester. This fee will be covered by the scholarhip.
  • Accommondation

Ching-Yeh 3 Dorm(on-campus): NT$15,730 per semester (subject to change)

Off-campus: NT$5,000 and up per month

  • Living cost: an estimate of NT10000 (EUR3000) per month, varying with individuals
  • Others: medical insurance (mandatory for registration with NCKU AISSM), visa, transportation, and other personal expenses are the students’ responsibility.

Application Steps

This program combines research training and student exchange for the program student to have an engaging experience during their stay at NCKU AISSM. The applicants shall follow the procedures explained below to complete the application in due course.

Documents required

These documents allow us to assess the student's academic qualifications, as well as their suitability for the program.

  1. One approval letter by an NCKU professor: obtain an approval letter authored by one NCKU AISSM professor whose research expertise fits the applicant’s study plan.
  1. One recommendation document by the home institution: obtain the program’s recommendation form signed by the student’s Faculty Dean or Head of Department. This document serves as the nomination document supported by the student’s home institution.
  1. Transcript of the home institution
  1. Proof of enrollment from the home institution
  1. Personal Statement (The personal statement is an opportunity for students to showcase their goals and motivations for participating in the program, as well as their relevant experiences and skills for studying at NCKU AISSM.)
  1. Scanned copy of the passport’s ID page (the passport should have a valid period of at least until February 2024 for a one-semester exchange or September 2024 for a two-semester exchange)
  1. Fill out the application form of this program.
Submission is due on June 30th, 2023 through the completion of the application form. The applications will be reviewed by the host professors’ departments and confirmed if accepted by the mid July, 2023.

Overall, the Visiting Students Program of NCKU is a timely opportunity for senior undergraduate or new graduate students with an engineering or science background from Czechia, Slovakia, Lithuania, and Poland to expand their academic horizons and gain valuable experience in Taiwan, a leading country in semiconductor areas. The scholarship supported by MOFA of Taiwan makes this program more accessible to our academic partners with and without a student exchange partnership. We hope that Taiwan will gain stronger and closer ties with the alliances in central and eastern Europe in talent cultivation and the technology enhancement of the semiconductor industry. Please take action now to ensure that you have the chance to benefit from this unique opportunity.

Program Contact: Ms. Weili Teng,, Office of Academic and Student Affairs