Supported with the professional and well-experienced teachers, this program on integrated circuit design, which emphasizes the perspective of “issues in the industry and problem-solving in the school,” will provide the students various kinds of IC design courses to breed their basic capability and advanced skills for the IC chip designs. 
The courses we will offer include Smart Security Internet of Things / Artificial Intelligence, Bio-medical/Bio-Sensing, Memory Integrated Circuits Design / Computing in Memory, Advanced Mix-signal IC Designs, RF Communications / mm-Wave Sensor Technologies etc..
We hope what the students will learn can be well joined to the industry and we also hope to cultivate the knowledge for the students, in both the Master and PhD degrees, to meet the needs of the industry.


Lab List



Lih-Yih Chiou

Professor/ Director

Low-Power and High Performance VLSI Lab

Shuenn-Yuh Lee

Professor/ Deputy Director

Communication and Biologic IC Laboratory

Tzuen-Hsi Huang

Professor/ Deputy Director

RF@CAD Laboratory

Chih-Hung Kuo

Associate Professor/Deputy Director

Video and Communication System Design Lab

Kuen-Jong Lee


Media System-on-a-Chip Laboratory

Tai-Haur Kuo


Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Laboratory (MSIC Lab.)

Pei-Yin Chen


Digital IC Design Lab

Chih-Lung Lin


Integrated Display Circuit and Bio-System Application

Ming-Der Shieh


VLSI Design Lab

Chung-Ho Chen


Computer Architecture and System Lab

Chien-Hung Tsai


Integrated Mixed-Signal and Power Management Design Lab

Jer-Min Jou


ASIC Design and System Automation Laboratory

Chia-Ling Wei


Biomedical Electronics Lab

Ing-Chao Lin


Computer Architecture & IC Design Lab

Jai-Ming Lin

Associate Professor

Smart Electronic Design Automation Laboratory

Kuang-Wei Cheng

Associate Professor

Wireless Integrated Circuits and Systems Lab

Darsen Lu

Associate Professor

Semiconductor Device Modeling Lab

Yean-Ru Chen

Assistant Professor

Computer-Aided Verification Lab

Philex Fan

Assistant Professor

Lab 604

Chia-Chi Tsai

Assistant Professor

AI System Lab