Semiconductor packaging and testing is the key to manufacturing a fully functionalized and durable electronic device. Our program integrates the relevant courses offered at National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan and cooperates with the industry to achieve the goal of cultivating semiconductor packaging and testing professionals. The curriculum covers the three major areas: packaging processes, packaging and testing smart manufacturing, and packaging and testing materials. Industrial professionals are also hired to offer practical courses so that students have both academic foundations and practical experience. In terms of thesis research, it is implemented based on the concept of industry proposition and academic problem-solving. Graduates from this program are expected to have a higher priority in recruitment in related industries after graduation.

Lab List

Professor Lab
Yu-Lung Lo University   Chair Professor/
     Associate Dean
micro opto-electric mechanical sensors lab
Wen-Dung Hsu Professor/   Director Novel EXperimental   & Theoretical Group
Kwang-Lung Lin University   Chair Professor Electronic   Packaging Lab Materials Science and Engineering
Jow-Lay Huang University   Chair Professor 陶瓷及鍍膜實驗室
Chuan-Pu Liu University   Chair Professor Semiconductors&Nanomateriala lab
Fan-Tien Cheng University   Chair Professor automation lab
Jyh-Ming Ting Distinguished   Professor Mina Materials Lab
Yung-Chun Lee Professor Nano Structure and Applied Physics Lab
Fei-Yi Hung Distinguished   Professor Novel Enhance Transform Laboratory
Lien-Chung Hsu Distinguished   Professor polymeric materials
Jen-Sue Chen Distinguished   Professor 微電子薄膜實驗室
Jun Mizuno Professor MIZUNO Lab
Jr-Jeng Ruan Professor organic crystal materials lab
Tz-Cheng Chiu Professor Applied Solid   Mechanics and Electronics Packaging Lab
Shih-kang Lin Professor/   Director(PSSM) Novel EXperimental   & Theoretical Group for materials design
Kuo-Shen Chen Professor System Dynamics Laboratory - for Mechatronics and   Microsystems
Chuan-Feng Shih Professor Advanced Materials   Research Lab
Yuh-Min Chen Distinguished   Professor Smart Business   Laboratory
Shang-Liang Chen Professor information and mechatronics intergation lab
Sheng-Jye Hwang Distinguished   Professor Polymer Processing   Lab of Mechanical Engineering Department
Taho Yang Professor manufacturing management research lab
Xiao-Ding Qi Professor Functional Materials Laboratory
Bernard Haochih Liu Professor laboratory for micro/nanofabrication and nanoanalysis
Yen-Hsun Su Professor Green Energy   Materials and Conversion Laboratory
Ching-Yuan Ho Associate   Professor 何青原教授實驗室
Chia-Yun Chen Associate   Professor Energy Materials and Nanodevices Lab.
Sheng-Sheng Yu Associate   Professor/Deputy Director(PSSM) green polymer engineering lab
Hung-Kai Wang Assistant   Professor Smart Production Laboratory
Chi-Hua Yu Assistant   Professor Laboratory for Artificial   Intelligence and Multiscale Modeling
Yu-chen Liu Assistant   Professor Liu Lab
Yu-Ming   Hsieh Assistant   Professor YMHsieh Lab
Pai-Chun   Wei Assistant   Professor Lab of Crystalline   Materials
Pao-Ci   Wang Adjunct   Professor(Deputy Director ) Teacher from Applied Materials Taiwan