The program on key materials offers material-related courses and research topics, targeting on two categories of advanced materials. The first is the semiconducting materials including the start-of-the-art technology in the wide-band gap semiconductors as well as the emergent two-dimensional materials. The second is the so-called functional materials which contain the novel materials with promising potential for the application in various fields such as the clean energy, memory, devices, catalysis, sensing, and quantum computing.

Lab List

Professor Lab
Chin-Shan   Lue Distinguished Professor/Director micro opto-electric mechanical sensors lab
Ya-Ju   Lee Professor/Deputy Director Ya-Ju Lee’s Lab
Yi-Chun   Chen Distinguished Professor surface probe and manipulaction lab
Yueh-Nan   Chen Distinguished Professor Yueh-Nan Chen's   Lab
Wei-Min   Zhang Distinguished Professor Wei-Min Zhang's   Lab
Tse-Ming   Chen Distinguished Professor Nanoelectronics lab
Jung-Chun   Huang Distinguished Professor JCA Huang lab
Chung-Lin   Wu Professor Chung-Lin Wu's Lab
Kuang-Yao   Lo Professor Kuang-Yao Lo's Lab
Tay-Rong   Chang Associate Professor Tay-Rong Chang's   Lab
Jan-Chi   Yang Associate Professor Novel Oxide Versatile Enrichment lab
Ming-Hao   Liu Associate Professor quantum transport   lab
Ching-Hao   Chang Associate Professor Ching-Hao Chang's   Lab
Jih-Jen   Wu Distinguished Professor Jih-Jen Wu's Lab
Bing-Hung   Chen Professor Bing-Hung Chen's   Lab
Chia-Yu   Lin Professor Electrochemistry   & Nanomaterials for Sensing, Energy, and Catalysis lab
Chung-Wei   Kung Associate Professor Chung-Wei Kung's   Lab
Su-Wen   Hsu Associate Professor Nanomaterials and   Nanocomposites lab
Shu-Hui   Chen Distinguished Professor Shu-Hui Chen's Lab
Hong-Ping   Lin Distinguished Professor Hong-Ping Lin's   Lab
Kuei-Fang   Hsu Professor Kuei-Fang Hsu's   Lab
Ho-Hsuan   Chou Associate Professor Ho-Hsuan Chou's   Lab
Eiichirou   Kawamori Professor Eiichirou Kawamori
Po-Yu   Chang Associate Professor Pulsed-plasma laboratory (PPL)
Wei-Yang   Chou Distinguished Professor Wei-Yang Chou's   Lab
Jinn-Kong   Sheu Distinguished Professor Compound Semiconductors & Applied   Photonics Lab
Tzung-Fang   Guo Distinguished Professor Tzung-Fang Guo's   Lab
Chao-Yu   Chen Distinguished Professor Energy Photonics and   Photoelectrochemistry Lab
Horng-Long   Cheng Distinguished Professor Horng-Long Cheng's   Lab
Jung-Yao   Chen Assistant Professor Soft   Optoelectronics Lab
Hsin-Ying   Lee Professor Hsin-Ying Lee's   Lab
Chun-Hung   Lin Professor Chun-Hung Lin's   Lab
Hsu-Cheng   Hsu Professor NanoPħotonics Characterization Laboratory
Sheng-Hao   Tseng Professor Sheng-Hao Tseng's   Lab
Shuo-Yen   Tseng Professor Shuo-Yen Tseng's   Lab
Chih-Chia   Huang Professor Advanced   Nano-Bio-Photonics Lab
Wei-Chi   Lai Professor Wei-Chi Lai's Lab
Yung-Chiang   Lan Professor Yung-Chiang Lan's   Lab
Shiuan-Yeh   Chen Associate Professor nanophotonics lab
Pin-Chieh   Wu Assistant Professor Wu Meta-Optics   Laboratory
Yuh-Shing   Chou Assistant Professor Yuh-Shing Chou's   Lab
Hui-Chen   Kung Associate Professor Hui-Chen Kung's   Lab
Hou-Chun   Liu Assistant Professor Hou-Chun Liu's Lab
Jow-Lay   Huang University Chair Professor Jow-Lay Huang's   Lab
Chuan-Pu   Liu University Chair Professor Lab for Nanomaterials and   Semiconductors
Kao-Shuo   Chang Professor Combinatorial Thin-Film Research Laboratory
Xiao-Ding   Qi Professor Xiao-Ding Qi's Lab
Chia-Yun   Chen Associate Professor Energy Materials and Nanodevices Lab.
Yu-Ze   Chen Assistant Professor Nano horizons lab
Wen-Hui   Cheng Assistant Professor Laboratory of   Photoelectrochemistry & Optoelectronics
Yi-Hsuan   Lai Assistant Professor Yi-Hsuan Lai's Lab
Wei-Chen   Tu Associate Professor Nanoelectronics lab
Yu-chun   Wu Associate Professor Yu-chun Wu's Lab
Chuan-Feng   Shih Professor Chuan-Feng Shih's   Lab
Yung-fu   Fang Professor Yung-fu Fang's Lab
Charles   Lin Adjunct Distinguished   Professor(Director) Lin Research Group (teacher from   NUTN)
Kuang-I   Lin Adjunct Assistant Professor Kuang-I Lin's Lab   (teacher from CMNST NCKU)