Elective-assigned by the program Course Field
Level Course Title Course No No. of Credits English Taught Smart IOT / AI System Chip Designs Biomedical/Sensor/Mixed-Signal IC Desings Novel Memory Circuits and Smart Control Modules Advanced RF/Communication Chip Designs
M, PhD The Essentials Of Semiconductor Technology And Supply Chains M250300 2
M, PhD Special Topics On Vlsi For Digital Communications N25F900 3      
M, PhD Low-Power Vlsi Design N26A600 3      
M, PhD Digital Signal Processing P753900、Q355000 3      
M, PhD Special Topics On Low-Power System Design N25G000 3      
M, PhD Digital Ic Design ND70300 3      
M, PhD Vlsi Soc Hardware/Software Codesign N275100 3        
M, PhD Vlsi Testing N269700 3        
M, PhD Systemc & Behavior Coding N26H700 3        
M, PhD Theory And Application Of Formal Verification N26I300 3        
M, PhD Machine Learning N27A700 3        
M, PhD Vlsi System Design N26F300 3        
M, PhD Efficient Ai Model Design For Machine Learning And Inference N27B100 3        
M, PhD Deep Learning Integrated Circuit Design And Acceleration P76I000 3        
M Graph Theory N258400,P754600 3        
M, PhD Computer Vision In Deep Learning Implementation And Its Applications N27A200 3        
M, PhD Computer Vision And  Deep Learning P76I200 3      
M, PhD Advanced Topics In Electronic System Level Design N25G200 3        
M Ai-On-Chip For Machine Learning And Inference Q362700 3        
M, PhD Special Topics On Integrated Circuits Design N278900 3    
M, PhD Analog Ic Design N256100 3    
M, PhD Mixed-Signal Silicon Ip Design N25G100 3    
M, PhD Advanced Analog Integrated Circuit Design N260500 3    
M, PhD Semiconductor Devices Modeling & Simulation N258300 3  
M Electronic Circuits System Design N25H200 3    
M, PhD Design,Modeling,And Fabrication Of Mems Devices N26J000 3    
M, PhD Semiconductor Memory Devices And Circuits Q161800 3      
M, PhD Introduction To Emerging Memory Techniques P780100 3      
M Special Topics On Rf Oscillator Circuit Design Q356500 3      
M, PhD Physical Design For Nanometer Ic’S N25G500 3      
M, PhD Special Topics On Rf Oscillator Circuit Design N25D800 3      
M, PhD System-On-A-Chip Of Biomedical Monitoring Applications N26H600 3      
M, PhD Introduction To Energy Harvesting Electronics Design N26H300 3      
M Design And Application Of Phase-Locked Loop Q356400 3      
M, PhD Radar Sensor Integrated Circuit Design N26J200 3      
M, PhD Biomedical Integrated Circuit Design N26F800 3        
M, PhD Analysis And Design Of Power Management Integrated Circuits N26I500 3        

※Please refer to the current course catalog for the actual course offerings each semester.※