• Application For Credit Transfer


Applicants: Newly-admitted students in Spring Semester (including intercollegiate transfer students, foreign students)


Please refer toRegulations Governing Course Credit Waivers for Graduate Programs of the NCKU AISSM

三、申請期限(Deadlines):112/01/17 ~ 112/02/18


Procedures: download “Application For Credit Transfer”, and prepare following documents:

1. 學分承認表:

Application For Credit Transfer


Fill out the application form and ask a Advisor to sign.


Students are required to ask the stamp from the department of original university.


Submit to the program office to get a stamp.


Any corrections to the course information, including the credit hours, are not allowed on this application. Please start over by filling out a new form for submission if you find any mistakes in the course information.


Transcript (mark the transferred courses)


Syllabus/ Course Outline


Upload the Application form, Transcript and Syllabus/ Course Outline to Course Credit Waiver System (