General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements* and Implementation for master’s and doctorate students of AISSM


General education requirements


  1. One hour on competence in English and Chinese writing

The two classes will be included in the seminar of your program each semester. Please ensure you attend the seminar classes on this subject to fulfill the requirements. The seminar schedule are announced and updated on NCKU Moodle.

  1. One hour on communication competence

  1. Six hours on academic research ethics**

The Office of Academic Integrity of NCKU provides a selection of videos on this subject on its webpage

You shall apply for a certificate of completion** once you reach the six-hour fulfillment. 


  *Conducted in line with the [NCKU General Principles of Curriculum Planning]. The three requirements mentioned above need to be done respectively one time only during your study period in your graduate program.

  ** When you apply to proceed with your final defense examination, this certificate of completion must be included in your package of application forms.