Elective-assigned by the program Course Field
Level Course Title Course No No. of Credits English Taught Development And Application Of Two-Dimensional Materials Nano/Quantum Materials Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Optoelectronic Semiconductor Energy Materials
M, PhD Applications Of Advanced Light Source In Solid-State System LZ40400 1  
M, PhD Phototherapy L788400 3  
M, PhD Advanced Organic Spectroscopy L351900 3  
M, PhD Optical Properties Of Materials L762400 3
M, PhD Materials Science And Engineering L786400 3
M, PhD Solid State Physics L781200 3  
M, PhD Solid State Physics (1) L210111 3
M, PhD Surface Analysis L789800 3  
M, PhD Solid State Chemistry L360400 3  
M, PhD Analysis And Simulation Of Integrated Optical Waveguide Components LZ5A300 1  
M, PhD Thin-Film Electrochemical Processes And Applications N383000 3  
M, PhD Microscopy L787900 3  
M, PhD Pulsed Power System LA81500 3
M, PhD Solid-State Lighting L785900 3  
M, PhD Chemical Engineering(1) N382000 3
M, PhD Combinatorial Materials Synthesis And Application N554500 3  
M, PhD Advanced Characterization Of Materials N557400-2 3  
M, PhD Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics N350300-A 3  
M, PhD Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics N350300-B 3
M, PhD The Essentials Of Semiconductor Technology And Supply Chains M250300 2
M, PhD The Theories And Applications Of Laser L761000 3
M, PhD Materials Characterizations L789100 3    
M, PhD The Engineering Of The Compound Semiconductors L781000 3    
M, PhD Solid State Physics (2) L210120 3    
M, PhD X-Ray Crystallography L410500 3        
M, PhD Properties Of Ceramic Materials N566400 3          
M, PhD Organic Electro-Optical Materials, Principles, And Device Applications L785400 3      
M, PhD Vibrational Spectroscopy And Its Applications L474000 3      
M, PhD Fabrication Engineering Of Micro Electronic Materials N566300 3      
M, PhD Nanomaterial Synthesis And Techniques M450200 0.5        
M, PhD Mesoscopic Physics L283600 3          
M, PhD Semiconductors Nano-Processes Technology L786100 3        
M, PhD Quantum Mechanics (1) L251010 3        
M, PhD Quantum Beam Applications For Condensed Matter Physics L283900 3          
M Quantum Physics L751100 3          
M, PhD Nano-Materials N581400 3        
M, PhD Semiconductor Devices Physics L771000 3        
M, PhD Principles Of Semiconductor Laser L762300 3      
M, PhD Semiconductor Photoelectrochemistry N350500 3        
M, PhD Introduction To Biophotonics F840400 3        
M, PhD Polymer Morphology L78A000 3        
M, PhD Design, Manufacture, Packaging, And Applications Of Semiconductor Memories M350600 3        
M, PhD Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Materials And Devices "M450500
L784100" 3        
M, PhD Semiconductor Optoelectronic Physics And Devices M450400 3        
M, PhD Advanced Lithography Technology L788000 3          
M, PhD Artificial Photosynthesis N381400 3        
PhD Solar Cells L785600 3          
M, PhD Principles Of Biomedical Spectroscopy L787700 3          
M, PhD Tissue Optics L786300 3          
M, PhD Advanced Analytic Chem. L350700 3          
M, PhD Advanced Organic Chem. L350600 3          
M, PhD Plasma Waves And Heating LA50700 3        
M, PhD Plasma Physics LA60300 3        
M, PhD Application Of Plasma Phenomena LA50800 3        
M, PhD Plasma Diagnostic LA61400 3        
M, PhD Electrochemistry – Principles And Green Energy Applications N383400 3          
M, PhD Advancing Semiconductor Technology In The Age Of Materials M450600 0.5

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