With the emerging challenge of climate changes, sustainable manufacturing technologies are required for enterprises to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. The program on Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing welcomes students with engineering or scientific backgrounds who are interested in advanced high-efficient manufacturing technologies, e.g., simulation-assisted process design, additive manufacturing, and artificial intelligence, as well as sustainable manufacturing technologies, e.g., hydrogen-based metallurgy, CO2 capture, usage and storage, and circular economics.


Lab List

Professor Lab
Yu-Lung Lo University   Chair Professor /Associate Dean mico opto-electric mechanical sensors lab
Shih-kang Lin professor/Director Novel EXperimental   & Theoretical Group
Sheng-Sheng Yu associate   professor /Deputy Director green ploymer   engeering lab
Hong-Paul Wang University   Chair Professor 分子環境實驗室
Kwang-Lung Lin University   Chair Professor Electronic   Packaging Lab
Mi-Ching Tsai University   Chair Professor Electric Motor   Technology Research Center
Hsisheng Teng University   Chair Professor H'Teng's lab
Yeau-Ren Jeng University   Chair Professor Biomaterial and   Smart Manufacturing Lab
Fan-Tien Cheng University   Chair Professor Automation Lab
Yung-Chun Lee Distinguished   Professor Nano Structure and Applied Physics Lab
Ta-Hui Lin Distinguished   Professor Research Center for Energy Technology   and Strategy
Shyy-Woei Chang Distinguished   Professor Thermal Fluid   Laboratory
Tsorng-Juu Liang Distinguished   Professor Power Electronics   Lab
Lien-Chung Hsu Distinguished   Professor polymeric materials
Jiann-Fuh Chen Distinguished   Professor Power Electronics   Lab
Pei-Yin Chen Distinguished   Professor Digital IC Design Lab
Liang-Ming Whang Distinguished   Professor 環境生物技術實驗室
Jun Mizuno Professor MIZUNO Lab
Kuan-Zong Fung Professor Ionic Conductors,   Solid-state ionic Devices, Materials for Energy Applications
Hsing-I Hsiang Professor 電磁光陶瓷實驗室
Wei Wu Professor Green Energy and Systems Engineering   lab
Jia-You Lee Adjunct   Professor Power Electronics   Lab
Tz-Cheng Chiu Professor Applied Solid   Mechanics and Electronics Packaging Lab
Chia-Yu Lin Professor Electrochemistry   & Nanomaterials for Sensing, Energy, and Catalysis lab
Le-Ren Chang-Chien Professor Power System and   Converter Design Lab
Kuo-Shen Chen Professor System Dynamics Laboratory - for Mechatronics and   Microsystems
Jeng-Shiung Jan Professor Bionanomaterial Laboratory
Chien-Sheng Liu Professor Opto-electronics   sensing and application Lab
Ming-Yang Cheng Professor Vision & Servo Control Lab
Cheng-Chi Tai Professor 非破壞檢測實驗室暨奈米生醫整合系統實驗室
Min-Fu Hsieh Professor Electrical Machine   and Drive System Laboratory
Yen-Hsun Su Professor Green Energy   Materials and Conversion Laboratory
Chi-cheng Chiu Associate   Professor Multi-Scale   Molecular Simulation Lab
Wen-Dung Hsu Associate   Professor/Director(PSPT) Novel EXperimental   & Theoretical Group
Guan-Bang Chen Associate   Professor Flexi-fuel   combustion laboratory
Wei-Sheng Chen Associate   Professor Lab of resources   circulation
Chung-De Chen Associate   Professor 陳重德 Lab
Hung-Kai Wang Assistant   Professor Smart Production Laboratory
Hong-Kang Tian Assistant   Professor Laboratory of   Multi-scale Simulations for Energy Materials
Fang-Hsien Wu Assistant   Professor 伍芳嫺 Lab
Hsin-Tien Lin Assistant   Professor resource & energy effiiciency lab
Watchareeya Kaveevivitchai Assistant   Professor Kaveevivitchai Research Group
Pi-cheng chen Assistant   Professor Lab for Promoting   Urban Resource Efficiency
Chi-Hua Yu Assistant   Professor Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence and Multiscale   Modeling
Yu-Chen Liu Assistant   Professor Liu Lab
Ting-Chia Ou Assistant   Professor 歐庭嘉 Lab
Wen-Hui Cheng Assistant   Professor Cheng's Laboratory of   Photoelectrochemistry & Optoelectronics
Yu-Ming Hsieh Assistant   Professor YMHsieh Lab
Pao-Ci Wang Adjunct   Professor
     (Deputy Director )
Teacher from Applied Materials Taiwan
Jeng-Ywan Jeng Adjunct   Distinguished Professor Teacher from NTUST(lab:雷射光機電加工實驗室)
Shi Xian Liu Adjunct   Professor
Teacher from China Steel Corporation
C.T. Lee Adjunct   Assistant Professor
     (Sr. Technical Vice President)
Teacher from YAGEO Corporation
Chien-Chung Huang Adjunct   Assistant Professor
     (Research Fellow)
Teacher from Industrial Technology Research Institute
Yi-Chang Chiang Adjunct   Assistant Professor
     (Assistant Research Fellow)
NCKU Research   Center for Energy Technology and Strategy
Chien-Cheng Tu Adjunct   Assistant Professor
     (Assistant Research Fellow)
NCKU Research   Center for Energy Technology and Strategy